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KTM Freeride 350 2016 - The high flier

Freedom has a name: on the FREERIDE 350, only the rider determines the route. In its two years on the market, it impressed everyone who had always wanted to ride offroad “for the heck of it”, without any pressure to perform. For the upcoming model year, KTM is focussing clearly with its further refinement of the FREERIDE 350 on increased all-round potential and enhanced suitability for everyday use. For example, an extended top gear and a longer final transmission ratio lower the revs and reduce fuel consumption along highway sections, while the shortened five lower gears as ever guarantee optimum power delivery offroad. Numerous optimized details further improve the durability and reliability of the new FREERIDE 350 and contribute to reducing its already extraordinarily low weight even further.


The engine on the FREERIDE 350 is based on the successful power unit of the 350 EXC-F. Nevertheless, it has been optimized for the most harmonious torque progression possible. The crankshaft drives a laterally positioned intermediate shaft that also acts as a balancer shaft, water pump and timing chain drive for the two camshafts. An exhaust camshaft with optimized auto-decompression ensures improved starting behavior. The four steel valves, with reinforced spring retainers, are actuated by two overhead camshafts and DLC-coated cam followers. In conjunction with the gasket, a water-pump cover guarantees easier fitting and better sealing, even in extreme temperatures. Well-protected behind the cylinder, the electric starter is equipped with a reinforced freewheel. With state-of-the-art, closed-loop lambda control, the Keihin engine management system, featuring electronic fuel injection and 42-millimetre throttle valve diameter, ensures efficient exhaust gas purification by the two catalytic converters and very low fuel consumption for an offroad bike. Additional engine characteristics can be activated with an optional PowerParts map-select switch.


The 350 cc engine is equipped with a crankshaft which features a plain bearing in the lower conrod eye. This technology guarantees higher durability and allows service intervals for the crankshaft to be extended.


The piston is specially developed for the FREERIDE 350 and guarantees high durability, while keeping weight to a minimum.


The 6-speed transmission specially designed for the FREERIDE models is characterised by shorter transmission ratios in the five lower gears, while the long sixth gear guarantees more relaxed revs on the road.

CSS clutch

The undamped CSS clutch and the Formula hydraulic system not only impress with high durability and low weight, they also ensure optimum disengagement and precise control. A revamped outer clutch hub is employed and contributes to the weight reduction.

Frame, subframe and swingarm

A lightweight, composite structure, comprising high-grade, chrome-molybdenum steel profiles bolted together with forged light-alloy components, provides the FREERIDE 350 with the necessary stability for offroad use, while keeping weight to a minimum. The lightweight, stiff, plastic subframe, featuring protected grip recesses, also houses the engine management electronics.


The digital instrument cluster from Trail Tech features integrated indicator lights and numerous functions which are particularly intuitive to operate.

Wheels, tyres and brakes

Like its two-stroke brother, the FREERIDE 350 is equipped with spoked wheels featuring anodized light-alloy GIANT rims, CNC-machined hubs and light-alloy spoke nipples. The specially developed Trial-Maxx tires from Maxxis bestow the four-stroke with an extra measure of agility and durability. Furthermore, the open profile guarantees significantly better traction, particularly in the wet. Thanks to standard enduro tire sizes of 2.75-21 up front and 4.00-18 at the rear, the widest variety of tire alternatives is available to the flexible offroad bike, depending on the operational use. The FREERIDE 350 also decelerates with the help of a powerful Formula brake system, featuring lightweight wave brake discs and radially bolted, sandblasted brake callipers with four pistons at the front and two at the rear.

Fork and shock

The sportily-tuned suspension with 43-mm WP upside-down fork (250 millimetres of suspension travel) and high quality, CNC-machined triple clamps bestow the FREERIDE 350 with high stability. At the rear, a WP PDS shock absorber with progressive spring (260 millimetres of suspension travel) guarantees great comfort and more reserves. Both front and back, the suspension features separate setting options for rebound and compression damping. The shock absorber even offers separate high and low-speed setting options for the compression stage. There is also a kit in the KTM PowerParts range for the FREERIDE 350 for reducing the suspension travel by 25 mm for an even lower seat height.

Exhaust system

When designing the exhaust system, engineers focused their attention on low noise levels and emissions, as well as very rideable, high-torque engine characteristics. Exhaust gases are fed through a central header pipe underneath the engine, protected by the frame and a sturdy skid plate, to the two aluminum silencers. Each of these is equipped with a catalytic converter, effectively reducing both emissions and riding noise to an environmentally friendly level.

Bodywork and graphics

Thanks to its extremely slender seat and spoiler profile, the bodywork on the FREERIDE 350 offers unrestricted freedom of movement with particularly ergonomic contact surfaces. The graphics are mostly in-mould graphics integrated directly into the plastic parts – a modern, extremely robust and lightweight solution.

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